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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits are available for people of working age, who have worked and paid into the system for at least ten out of the last fifteen years and suffer from a disabling medical or mental health condition. These conditions include debilitating depression and anxiety, heart conditions, back injuries, genetic abnormalities, cancers and many others.

McCarthy, Coombes & Costello LLP will handle your claim from the beginning stages including filing an application and disability report; and gathering and submitting medical evidence while the Social Security Administration reviews your claim. If your claim should be denied we will vigorously appeal, requesting reconsideration, gathering more supportive medical evidence and if you are denied a second time, we will request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Our attorneys will prepare you to put your best foot forward and accompany you to the hearing to fight for your rights. We can come in at any stage in your claim, when you are denied and decide that you need professional help handling your claim. Our fee is contingent upon our winning benefits for you and is paid directly to us by the Social Security Administration out of your retroactive benefits. There are no upfront costs to you, only medical report fees if applicable. We serve the Hartford area and surrounding communities.